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Services that cover the spectrum

We provide

a whole host of products & services; not just the bare minimum. As well as standard support contracts, we also offer services that encompass the wider IT sphere.

From connectivity to security, from email systems to GDPR solutions, we do more than just traditional IT.

Find out more below

Our support contracts

work around a simple points based system. Your monthly payment purchases points. The total amount of points are worked out over the period of a year and you use them as you like for all areas of IT Support.

You'll have access to our qualified engineers for remote access, telephone support and site visits. We even include consultancy work & network design.

We live in

uncertain times and that includes a fragile economy. We understand that most companies have to watch their budgets closely because we're no different. That's why we've developed a flexible payment plan to enable you to purchase just the right amount of support without carelessly overspending.

It's a breeze to set-up and you can rest assured that your network is well looked after without your costs spiraling out of control.


is an ongoing challenge for companies and still affects businesses of all shapes & sizes.  In short, it is impossible to ignore.

We've been proactive in ensuring we are up to speed by working with CyberSmart, an accredited provider of GDPR ready platforms in order to help our clients be as compliant as possible.



viruses or Trojans are only ever one click of a mouse away. These days, it's all too easy to download something unwanted and risk infecting your entire network. We've seen it happen.

Having personally dealt with some of the worst that the Internet has to offer, we have experience at not just dealing with these threats but also securing your infrastructure against them so that they do as little harm as possible in the first instance.

We're partnered with

the market leaders in defense products such as Emsisoft, Panda Security, Mimecast and Malwarebytes so that we can stay one step ahead of the curve and do more than just fire-fight against infections; we can help stop them in their tracks.

We also offer a number of options regarding backup systems so that if the worst does happen, you can rest easy knowing that continuity is just a restore away.

Your emails

are your business' lifeline. Depending on your needs, we can help you set up an on-site Exchange server to host them on premises or if you prefer, we fully support cloud based services like Microsoft Office 365.

We're experienced at deploying both seamlessly into a working environment so the only question is; which is more suitable for your business requirements.?

IT Networks

are the one thing that we consider to be our specialty. Particularly the installation & maintenance of hardware for when cloud services are not an option or a possibility.

We have the ability to help you create a localised & secure network which includes hardware such as Firewalls, switches and Synology network storage servers. It all comes down to your requirements and we'll help you determine exactly what you do & don't need.

Internet access

is probably the most important requirement for businesses today. Our clients trust us with their connectivity because we're partnered with Zen, one of the country's leading ISP's and are experienced in the deployment of leased lines.

We also have the know-how to get your office set up with routers, switches, Wi-Fi and even more 'blue-sky' tech such as Zyxel's LTE Outdoor IAD for those in remote areas.

VoIP Systems

are yet another string on our bow that we can provide. We've helped many clients get setup with VoIP phones and systems, saving them hundreds of pounds in costly telephone bills. Using 3CX we can implement remote home office extensions, and even a mobile app that connects to your office extension. One of our partners Firstcom Europe offer a range of products that cover everything from SIP trunking to the phone handsets themselves. We take care of the rest