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A little history

Sycom Limited started trading as Sycom Technology in 1995. Specialist areas at the time were the Novell Netware Operating Systems, email systems and networks. Back in the day, we pioneered a link with early Groupwise email systems allowing 'electronic memo's' to be sent over dial-up to the Internet.

These 'memo's' were in fact the start of emails. Initially, it was only accounts departments that were networked but with the development of Microsoft Windows platforms, networks expanded throughout departments within companies rapidly. ‍‍‍Email became a fast & cheap method of communication for people across the globe, paving the way for us to become a top UK integrator of leased lines. This in turn allowed companies to really utilise the Internet; way before the days of broadband.

Since then we have always maintained an edge on upgrading systems with minimal impact on users. We still continue to implement replacement servers and upgrades seamlessly with little or no outage for clients to this day.

In fact our expertise in this area, coupled with our extensive history has led to many major businesses utilising our services to upgrade their systems and networks in order grow further.

Fundamental to this growth has been planning; getting the foundations right and finding out what the business really needs to move forward. Natural‍‍‍ly, this has been coupled with pro-active support.

Along the way at least four corporates have merged with or have been acquired by some big players with one area proving key time and again; their IT infrastructure. We're proud of this because it shows our commitment to clients and more importantly, it shows we are doing things right.

Our core focus is support at a level that is personal and with a focus on long term relationships. Our clients are able to utilise us almost as a division within their own organisations. We keep IT budgets sensible and allow businesses to focus on just getting on with their work.

As a matter of fact, Sycom's approach is something many other IT support organisations just can't seem to get right. Only throughout the last decade, ‍‍‍have support companies realised the power of the monthly billing model, the value of existing clients and maintaining strong, lasting relationships with them.

It's a testament to Si Thomson (Sycom's founder) that many IT support and help-desk providers are adopting this business model now, some 20 years later as there is no other way for these businesses to compete in today's saturated market.

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Another of Si Thomson's early adoptions was Terminal Services (now known as Remote Desktop) for use in business back in 1999, as a way for companies to really take their systems to another level. As Si recalls; "It was a fundamental way of allowing our clients to expand their territorial limits across the globe quickly and efficiently."

Aside from IT support, we also collaborate with our business partners to re-commission their used hardware and utilise it in local Schools when possible. Our support team have implemented Servers and network solutions for schools in the Wokingham District area operating on a not-for-profit basis.

"Being a parent myself, I have seen so many schools struggle to provide decent learning from poor IT systems due to a lack of funds. From what I've seen, too many suppliers to schools have leveraged contracts & tenders  and in my opinion charged ‍‍‍way over the odds for some IT systems”.

"For sure, I understand profits have to be made but there is a moral limit. We can only help a certain amount of schools but at least I know we‘ve helped give real quality systems & advice to assist the teaching of our kids and really help out our teachers at the same time" says Thomson.